About the foundation

The Pygmee naar School foundation is situated in the Netherlands and has been founded in 2018 to start a school in Burundi to provide education for the pygmy children living there.

The pygmy people are hugely discriminated socially, economically and culturally, caused by appearance and cultural distance. For instance, they are clearly smaller than the average inhabitants of Burundi. To integrate the society more and more over time, good education is very important.

Because of discrimination, the pygmy generally live in the woods or mountains outside of the city and often haven't had education for generations, which kept them illiterate. They live of agriculture and are often on the run. Often the harvest fails because of heavy rainfall. Because of this, they live in huge poverty.


The school opened the 20th of September of 2018 and is called Garderie Amahoro de Kabezi. The school counted at that moment 130 children divided over five classes.

In the Netherlands, the Pygmee naar School foundation is recognized since the 16th of May 2018 as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, institution aiming for the general good). As such gifts to our institution can be completely discountable on the income tax declaration (conditions for doing this in Dutch).

Celebratory meal before the christmas holidays

Photo gallery of Kabezi and Sukununu

Opening ofKabezi school

Opening of Kabezi school

Teacher with the children

Teacher with the children

Creatieve les

Working on creativity

School Sukununu under construction

School Sukununu under construction

Afwerking gebouw

Finishing the building

Afwerking klas

Finishing the classroom

Front of the school

Front of the school

Swingset under construction

Septic tank

Boys bathroom

On house call with a pygmy family

Visiting the pygmy community to tell about the school

Kinderen zijn heel blij met het goede nieuws, dat ze eindelijk onderwijs gaan krijgen

Happy children because education will become available for them

Open schoolday

Open schoolday



With the teacher in the classroom

Learning what a computer is

Nurse had just visited to treat the children for eczema

Feet healed again

Lesson in personal hygiene

Children still to be treated in a rented home, to avoid the spread of eczema from family members

Christmas with the teacher

This boy wanted to drop out because it was difficult for him, was encouraged to stay end eventually got good results

Two teachers in conversation with a professor


The foundation has as a primary goal to set up schools for providing elementary education for pygmy children.

The parents are asked for financial and manual participation every school year, to ensure clear participation of the parents with the school and enable more financial independence. They are also supported in learning to manage their income.

The first school year starts in September 2018. The school is accessible for pygmy children, but also other children without much perspective are welcome.

Our goal is supporting the school for five years in costs like rent, education personel, teaching tools and school uniforms. We aim for self-suficiency of the school after five years.

About us

The board of the Pygmee naar School foundation consists of:


foto van Corrie

Corrie Roeleveld


Corrie Roeleveld (1945), nurse and world traveller, is the initiator of the school in Burundi. She has among other things worked in the Philippines to establish a school for disadvantaged children.

During her travels she contacted discriminated peoples, for example albino children and the pygmys. Justice, harmony and unity in the world are very important for her.


foto van Ans

Ans Olij

I work in the neighborhood nursery and maternity care. Every child has a right to education. That sounds very normal to us, but it's not that normal

As such I put in my efforts to make this work for the pygmys.


foto van Aline

Aline Hartog

Aline Hartog (1961) works for thirty years in the financial administrative sector. Her big hobby is to make music with the euphonium, a wind instrument, at a music association. She does this for about forty years.

Aline completely subscribes the initiative of Corry and cordially supports the foundation.

The board members don't get any expense or vacation allowances.

If you express your interest in this foundation and this project we will very happily provide you with more information.

Annual reports and financial statements


Your gifts are very welcome.

You can become a patron from €5,- per month. This amount helps a young disadvantaged child to go to school and have a better future.

You can make a SEPA Bank Transfer of your contribution to our bank account with
IBAN: NL19 INGB 0008 7285 14
account name: "Stichting Pygmee naar School".